Friends of Immanuel University (FIU) advocates for the mission of Immanuel University through raising awareness, financial resources, and partnerships. As Immanuel University came into existence in India, FIU has been connecting U.S. supporters with this amazing work of raising up the poor of India through higher education.
FIU facilitates strong prayer support for the University through a monthly prayer calendar. To join the prayer team, contact Diane Kurtz at
Generous donors have contributed to all of the capital investment in land, facilities, and infrastructure. Student scholarships, a loan program, and an endowment have all been created by donors seeking to create a sustainable model for Immanuel University to carry out the mission.
A U.S. board facilitates the work of the Friends of Immanuel University. Its members include: Dr. Bishop Joab Lohara, Carl W. Brannon, Dan Kurtz, Daryl Miller, David Goodnight, Diane Kurtz, Eric Baird, Gene Keene, Dr. James Mannoia, Jeff Finley, Dr. Matt Whitehead, Patrick Patterson, Dr. Rob McKenna, Scott McFarlane, Shelly Goodnight, Steve Roe, and Dr. Wayne McCown.
The Friends of Immanuel Board has been instrumental in creating institutional partnerships between Immanuel University and such U.S. institutions as Spring Arbor University, Greenville University, Roberts Wesleyan College, and Seattle Pacific University. University professors from the U.S. routinely travel to India for lecture periods and special events.
The Friends of Immanuel host select Indian MBA students who are sent by IU to America for a special immersion experience into the world of higher education and business. These students are hosted by Greenville College, Spring Arbor University, and Seattle Pacific University as well as by FIU Board members as they tour U.S. businesses, meet with business leaders, and attend classes.
Each January, a team of FIU Board members and others travel to Immanuel University to participate in university life and the broader work of the Indian church. These trips raise awareness of the life-changing difference this education provides the students. One cannot go without returning home a changed person as well.